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Her departure was my own fault.  I have a "safe" yard for my cats but I didn't know Piper was hiding in the yard when the tree service came in and a worker saw her run out the open gate and she was gone...It's taken these 2 months to realize that I have to forgive myself...not as easy as it sounds for me....
The picture at top is Piper 2 days before she went missing.  The second is a much thinner Piper, home after being missing for 8 1/2 weeks, Oct 20th 2015-Dec 18th, 2015. 

A Christmas miracle occurred when "SG" sighted Piper then eventually saw one of my many posters at a stop sign, turned around, took a picture and called me on Dec 16th when he saw her again.

After so many calls and never seeing a cat or it not being Piper, I was skeptical. I asked him to let me know if he saw her again, what color were her paws. I went over to the area and saw another person walking her dog and she put the message to their HOA that Piper might be in the area and I sent pictures around.  SG called back about 6 hrs later and saw her again and said they were white.  I GOT EXCITED! 
Another resident called me when he excitedly saw Piper jump out of a tree at his bird feeder (she probably stayed alive eating birds).  He thought is was an eagle at first :)
Of course she wasn't around by the short time it took me to get there but I set out 3 traps, 2 in that yard and another down the street in a yard where he said he had just seen her 1/2 hr prior. 

After having set traps many, many times in the past couple of months and getting a lot of opossum, raccoons and neighboring cats, I really expected more of the same. 

But then I got the call at 8:45am 12/18 morning by RB.  Your cat is in the trap!  Does she have blue eyes.  YES!  I flew, crying all the way.  When I got there I looked and saw this scrawny dirty, scared and hissing cat who had the same markings as Piper but I was afraid to believe...she was so thin.  So I picked up the trap and took her home and opened the trap in a confined area as she was wild and fearful.  I scanned her and found her microchip.  It WAS Piper.  It only took about 10 minutes for her to calm down, eat, and start purring and rolling over and loving.  I feel like I am in a dream-a good kind of shock but after all the searches, and putting out 9000 postcards, over 500 flyers to mailbox flags, and more than 50 posters (eventually went to waterproof paper or professional lamination), Piper is home. 

It has only been 26 hrs and it's like the feelings are more than can be expressed in show or in writing.  All I know is that I got that call from SG on the last day of a novena (9 days of prayer) said by myself and the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement to St Anthony and Jesus Christ.  I prayed to St Jude and St Francis of Assisi too.  It all went to Jesus Christ, God and all the angels.  I do believe that angels guided Piper to go into that trap. 

On the way home with Piper, I had this feeling that I was not deserving of this miracle, although very happy about it.  It was an odd feeling because there are so many people with missing kids or ill family etc who need miracles also.  I told this to my Mom and she said it was a gift, from God.  That I wasn't deserving, none of us are-it was a gift.  So instead of it being why does God allow bad things happen to good people, maybe it is why does he allow good things to happen to us sinners, for we all are that.  None of us are perfect.  So that is the Christmas miracle. 

As a side note;  I also kept seeing the name Piper in weird places;  a new warehouse on Franklin Rd called Piper Warehouse and they have a passage from Proverbs on their sign, I think Proverbs 3: 2-5.  On 12/15 evening at Walmart, while looking for gifts to give, I picked up the book "90 Minutes in Heaven" and was reading the jacket.  I started crying when I saw the author's name was Don PIPER.  I wasn't sure what all this meant at the time, but as someone who lent me a trap said, "God knows where she is".  I was just praying He would let me know!  And eventually He did.

This whole thing has changed some things about me for the better.  I heard from kind and supportive people who hadn't seen Piper but who wanted to let me know they cared and were looking for her and praying.  So much praying :)

I even appreciate the woman who called to tell me that she may have seen a dead cat on E. 86th St a couple weeks prior to the call, that may have been Piper.  If it had been I would have appreciated that closure. 

I've been in contact with the city's interim public safety director.  We both have learned that Indpls Animal Care and Control have been trying to get Dead Animal Pickup to scan dead pets for microchips and also to record where they picked up so people would have closure.  At this time the one person doing this job is not doing this.  I have offered a hand held scanner.  Maybe more people need to let the Mayors office know we want this.

She went to the vet on the day she returned.  Dehydrated but eating and drinking well.  Fleas and probably worms that were treated.  She has a slight heart murmur which could be caused from the dehydration/malnutrition--she is down to just under 6 lbs and she used to weigh over 10 lbs.  She is sleeping a lot (what cat doesn't).  Has never liked to be held but loves having my arms around her as she nestles in her bed, getting petted and kissed-a lot!

has postings where you can put lost or found pets.  They also have an area "over the rainbow bridge" for people who have sighted dead pets and where so owners might have closure.

The owner of NB Research, Inc. believes every pet should have a loving home. 
Please spay/neuter your pet to reduce overpopulation and to protect your pet from the unnecessary possibility of uterine or testicular cancer or related illnesses, or death from multiple litters.
Adopt a pet from a shelter, not from a breeder.  There are many "breed" animals in the shelters, waiting for a home.  If you adopt one pet, it opens space for another one to be rescued.
For every breeder animal that is created on purpose, adding to the overpopulation, a shelter pet is euthanized.
If you get too upset going to a shelter, Petsmart stores nationwide only work with rescue groups.  Check with your local Petsmart to see when pets are available for adoption.
Squeamish about going to a shelter?  Ask a friend to help and go on line.  Many adoptable pets are in foster homes where they are loved and cared for.  You can sometimes see them in the home or the foster parent can bring them to you or to a store such as Petsmart.  If you don't choose to adopt that pet, at least you know they are going back to a loving foster home, no need to feel guilty!
lists many rescued animals throughout the country who need to be adopted into a good home.
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